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If you would like to contribute to the newsletter,

please submit by either the fifth of the month or the first Monday of each month to

We welcome artist's tips, book reviews, and upcoming art events for consideration.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your submissions are published.

To send articles and announcements:

-e-mail with attached information to Board President -Jan Wood ~  The Board of Directors will review for consideration.

To send images of your artwork:

-e-mail with the photo attachment to Board President -Jan Wood ~

 A Photo of work (150 dpi  (dots per inch) and 6” to 8” print size on long side)
    USE ~~~    (.jpeg .pdf .png (as long as the dpi is sufficient)
Some programs will automatically prepare the image for the web,
but that will change the dpi to approximately 72, which is not sufficient for
printing on paper.

Color images, for the e-news version, can be sent with the lower dpi.
The Board of Directors will review for consideration.

Thank you~ Joy McMicken, Webmaster




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