Fine Arts Society 125 years anniversary 

a few highlights from our 125th celebration !

Re-enactment of 1898 Lily Lake photo

Lily Lake -Period Clothing

Back row, left to right: Dolly Chergosky, Janice L Wood, Larry MIller, John Kaptal, Dan SniezekNext row down, left to right: Jeanne Osenbaugh, Phillis Eronimous, Cyrena Summers
Front row, left to right: Mark Green, Bill Laughland, Donna Cheresnowski, Dan Harendza, Joy McMicken


Back Cover- Current Clothing

Front row, left to right: John Wood replaced Bill Laughland

Our History

There were  tables laden with
our  history spanning 
125 years

Binders, photo albums, newspapers, magazines, program booklets from previous show and award dinners. So much information that it was impossible to absorb the past. Excellent presentation !

Our Mural of 125 years

FASST artists spent 2 years recreating  our past 125 years.  It features many of the events we have created, participated or partnered with. The 1st and 2nd  4' x 8' panel represents 50 years of our history with the 3rd panel showing our activities in the last 25 years  with a look toward the future.  

Partners in Celebration

Anthony Maione, Pianist

We had a fine evening with lovely entertainment provided by an wonderful performer Anthony Maione.

Joe Cline, caterer

Joe Cline has catered our Awards Dinners for many years, always serving delicious food. Serving non-alcoholic Champagne to toast our 125th Anniversary. 

Weis Bakery , Our 125th Anniversary cake

Weis Bakery baked a huge marble cake to celebrate our anniversary. There wasn't much left !

a few more photos

Main stage

 Anniversary Speech, Awards & Music were at the center stage.

a side view

showing a view from one side of the room.

125 Balloons

Janice & John Wood hold the balloons signifying our 125 years anniversary.