Joy McMicken /JMcMicken

Joy always finds something to paint- people, animals, plein aire, still lives... She is never bored and usually has several paintings going at once.  Below is a sample of subjects to

What's That? 

I just love curious roosters

Fishing the Confluence

One of the favorite fishing spots is the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers

Dog Toys

My dog's favorite cat is sleeping in the basket of dog toys.

Pelican Over the Bay

The pelican was flying over the bay with a fish in it's mouth. I  do not know why he was just carrying it.

Pizza and Wings

I was eating pizza and wings one night and I liked the composition- so I painted them. ( yes, I did reheat them & ate them !) 

Squirrel in the Birdfeeder

That explains why I spend so much on birdfood.

Photographing Purples 

This photographer was so busy photographing the ships & boats  that he missed the purples of the sunset.


this reminds me of first thing in the morning when the bright sunshine comes through the window. Just past the golden colors of dawn, when you begin to feel the heat of the day.

Mice Viewpoint

Mice are so cute- as long as they are not in my house !

Particular Petunia

Rufous hummingbird makes a selection.

Pepper Dip

Water has so many characteristics and colors, its fun to play with 

Pilgrim's Progress

Much to think about - you can make up your own story.

The Emperor's New Clothes

need I say more?

Milan's Ospery

Absolutely beautiful bird, so graceful while flying, able to plummet great depths to capture a fish for lunch.

Free Upstate New York

Freedom of Speech is alive and well  !

Under the Tracks

Interesting shapes and angles, reflection from the bottom of the trestle & reflection of the sky in the shadow from the same trestle. This a nice swimming hole! 

Zero's Memorial

One of many Otsiningo Scarecrows created each October

BF & GF Date Night

This couple was out for dinner & even though they are very close and touching- not a word was spoken.